Scissor Lift

Characteristics Of A Scissor Lift

Apart from the special controls, mechanism and other operation controlled techniques, there are few other things that describe the characteristics and specifications of a scissor lift better and they are:

* Size – this describes the size of the platform that gets elevated to a particular height and also talks about the dimensions of the platform. Some lifts come with an extendable platform to increase the total area`s volume.

* Capacity – this is another very important specification that determines how much a lift can hold or withstand both manpower and freight. This is designed keeping in mind the safety of the load on the platform of the lift.

* Tilt – in some of the lifts, this plays a very important role when the load needs to be tilted to a specific angle for easy accessibility.

* Stroke – this determines the safety height of the lift at a particular distance from the ground. This concept works well for car scissor lift.